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    Our Company
    Founded in 2009, located in the Logistics Centre where there is only 180 KM near to the NingBo port, HANRUI concentrated on high strength G.E.T parts and undercarriage parts for earthmoving equipment, crawler-type equipment & Lifting equipment. Both ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management system are certified.
    HANRUI skillfully apply alloy steel, High manganese steel, cemented carbide and composite material to track chains, cast track pads, shovel buckets, wear protectors, heavy rigging & towing spare parts.
    Advanced Technology
    Owning advanced technology of casting, forging, CNC machining, heat treatment and tungsten coating, HANRUI produce wear-resistant steel parts, high strength steel parts for mining machinery, construction machinery, agricultural & forestry machinery.
    Our Capacity
    How HANRUI control the quality?
    ● Material Development
    ● Geometry Design
    ● Processing Design
    ● Tooling and Trial Production
    ● Sample Evaluation
    ● Quality Control Plan
    ● Massive Production
    ● Pre-loading inspection
    Our Products
    What can we do for you?
    ◆ G.E.T parts and undercarriage parts with international standard
    ◆ Rope sockets for dragline, cast track shoe for cable shovel, scraper bucket for electric rope shovel. with the technical support by Military industrial enterprise, HANRUI also customize steel wear castings which are difficult for most of the foundries.
    ◆ wear-resistant solutions. HANRUI do the performance optimization for your products currently in use.
    Equipment Application
    Dragline, hydraulic excavator, electric shovel excavator, bulldozer, dredger, tunnelliner, continuous miner, drilling excavator, loader, graders, backhoe, compactors, road milling machine, trencher, mulcher, grinder, feller buncher, plow sweeper.Rock Drilling Teeth