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    Item nameIso17712 security plastic seal
    Type of sealPull tight
    Security levelindicative
    Operating temperature-40℃ to 60℃
    Total length360mm
    Operating length280mm
    samplefree of charge
    PortQingdao port
    Production size: total length 360mm
    Average tensile strength above 50lbs

    Polypropylene (PP)
    Polypropylene has good heat resistance. The product can be sterilized at temperatures above 100 C, and it will not deform at 150 C without external force. The embrittlement temperature is -35 C, and it will embrittlement at below -35 C, and the cold resistance is not as good as polyethylene. The reports on the glass temperature of polypropylene have a 18qC, OqC, 5 C and so on. This is due to the difference in the proportion of the crystalline phase and the amorphous phase, which causes the different chain length of the molecular chain to be different. The melting temperature of polypropylene is about 40 1 50% higher than that of polyethylene, about 164 1 170 C and 100% for polypropylene.

    Laser print customized company name, logo, barcode & serial numbers

    Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, White, Blue, etc.
    We can also provide customized services for your favorite colors according to your needs.

    packaging: 3000pcs/ carton
    Carton weight:16kg
    Carton size:60x46x35cm
    plastic seal: 100pcs per bag, 25bags per carton or can pack according to the customer request

    Shipping containers, trucks, postbags, airline, cash bags, etc.Customized Security Plastic Seals